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Operación Triunfo 2011 ( OT 2011): Bill Kaulitz and Alves among contestants

Madrid .- It seems that among the contestants of 'Operación Triunfo 2011' (OT 2011) has cast people as famous as Bill Kaulitz, singer of 'Tokio Hotel', and Dani Alves, FC footballer Barcelona. Not that they have left their professions to join the famous competition, is that some of the participants physically resemble them.

After the first days of 'Operación Triunfo 2011' (OT 2011), the secrets of the contestants, details, criticism and praise for his physique was not long in coming. Now, the portal 'Terra' has made a similar collection of reasonable between new 'pop stars' and the best known faces. So, Charlie, the canary in 17 years saved by Nina at the gala 0 recalls Bill Kaulitz too.

Same haircut and sharp features that could make go to the Tokio Hotel singer and contestant on siblings. Something that happens also to Juan Delgado with Dani Alves. The aspiring pop star and Brazil share the same skin tone, the same smile and even they shaved the same way. Not only

Bill Kaulitz and Dani Alves appear to be among the contestants. Similar fourteen more have already been found. Alexandra could pick up a microphone and stand as Usun Yoon, 'The Intermediate' (La Sexta), without any problems. Seeing them together could pass for twins. The nose is flat and broad face could push to the ring instead of the legendary Alex Poli Díaz. Roxio

If things go wrong in 'Idol 2011' (OT 2011) can always make double the Marina San José in a scene. As his teammate Josh, who might have been the enemy of Leonardo di Caprio in "Titanic." He and the actor Billy Zane share the same bohemian. Both contestants may be directed by Guillermo del Toro, who seems to have slipped between the new entrants due to Ramil Gallego, and share Coraluna film, which could pass for the actress Brooke Smith, known for her role as Dr. Erica Hahn in the series "Grey's Anatomy."

Naxxar and Nicco also could change 'Operación Triunfo 2011' (OT 2011) for the set. He, like the protagonist of 'Jesus Christ Superstar' (physical shares with his protagonist, Ted Neeley) and she, as a recurring actress in the series 'Two and a Half Men', as it shares beauty and explosiveness with Emmanuelle Vaugier.

addition, a San Francisco Quique as Tete Delgado Nahuel or reincarnated in Moneiba could also form their own company teatro.Gracias Jefferson and Sira, the contest seems to have regressed some editions. His resemblance to Sergio Rivero, winner of the fourth edition of 'Operación Triunfo', and Nina, the current director, are reasonable. As is also the Silvia with Rosana. The contestant and singer canary smile just the same. And while singer, a single model. Nirah could get on the runway and replace Britain's Elizabeth Smith. Both are blond, beautiful and clear eyes.

physical resemblance aside, the contestants will have to focus on its upcoming gala, in which selected issues will be decided by jury as to their nominations.

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