Wednesday, April 27, 2011

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The R. Racan Madrid with one game, Sosa, little ambitious, worthy of a second team of DIVISION, jugando a defender in his field and a 0 -0 tried hitting the contrary, the coach is in medicine his impotence.

The press conference Mourinho has been a continuous distillation of venom, blaming the umpires to blame for their injustísima derrtota, appealing to the Blaugrana fans will not feel satisfied to have won well, that he gave the former Barça Champions, when Real Madrid play against Barca never finished with 11 players, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.
The truth is it is a pleasure to hear him and see all his impotence as a coach, as Real Madrid, his rage is infinite and swallow it all at the Camp Nou I would not be arrogant but optimistic. As has been controlled Guardiola the meeting!, Where some fear and others were lack of game, it has imposed Pep intelligence has secured the horses on defense Alves giving clear instructions not to raise or leave gaps and on the other hand the same to Pujol that have accompanied the central defensive work which has crashed the little white ambition.
Everyone has seen: the R. Madrid playing for being the best team in Europe playing against them in their own field (which went well with Inter and the Copa del Rey), is a disgrace and I finally paid, the club playing football with control possession, more and more creativity arrival has endorsed a couple of Golito at the Bernabeu. Messi you are great!
Pepe finally gets a deserved punishment, harsh perhaps but punishable, sometimes it has gone scot-making and even criminal offenses have been removed card, today I have seen. And they're angry, Marcelo, stepping to Peter, the Ramos whining that he does nothing and the others are dirty, and Ronaldo is that we always end up with ten against Barca (normal one plays well and quickly to the attack and Madrid to cut, paste kicks and make mistakes).
Cristiano Ronaldo best when TV3 has been asked about the tactics of the game and revealing answers PLAN MOU,
- "The 0-0 is a bad result? The 0-0 is a bad result? play the tie is lawful, what we wanted is to only 20 minutes with scoring zero goals and then make a change and put Kaka attempt to score a goal. "
Would you like to play on a computer that has no ambition offensive?
- No of course not, I'm an offensive player and this game I like, but I have to adjust to technical decisions.
This night I will sleep well


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